Sonny D
Great Food.
Bee Trina
The crab boil is good, their sauce taste like Juicy Crab. Their fried oysters & fries are outstanding. I love it !!
Paul Rozier
One of the best seafood spots I've been to so far!!!!
Olivia Williams
Good food, just the right amount of seasoning, and great service.
Rosezanne Davis
great customer service hot food good server good prices Large menu · Great food
Miss Cheri
Awesome menu
Summer Jackson
Amazing seafood !
Nikkie F.
The food is soo good!!! I love the calamari it's the best I've ever tasted!!! The Sweet potato fries are a hit too!
Michelle Goldie
Awesome service and food! Ask for Emily💋 Large wine list · Cosy atmosphere · Large portions · Casual
Tiffany Ducksworth-Wolfe
Good food delicious will be bck great service Thanxs David 🥰💯our server wiz awesome!!great environment..
Brina Brina
The food was good and hot. Great service I will definitely go back
Hadassah Lewis
I absolutely recommend eating here! If you like a tiny bit a spicy I recommend medium. It’s not bad at all, I have a pretty regular heat tolerance for a 20 year old and the Hot spice level was good. That aside everything was amazing! Great food · Large portions · Cosy atmosphere
Abria Moss
Good food!! great portions!! Ordered online and food was ready and fresh when I picked up!! Great food
Melissa H.
I really enjoyed my food. Wasn't too salty and the sauce was think. Wish they had broccoli tho!
Georgia M.
i ordered door dash while i work and it was delivered on time and it was fresh and hot. tasted great and large pieces of fish. ordered it twice since and will go back again and again. got to try going in the restaurant or get the crab legs and shrimp soon. i love seafood so i will be back.
Amber T.
Tried this place for my birthday and it was DELICIOUS! There was so much flavor in the rockin special! Way better quality than any other places in the area and it was piping hot so I actually had time to make it home and enjoy it. Can't wait till they are fully open
Michael E.
First Time visit. DELICIOUS! I wanted a food treat day. So I ordered the fried shrimp, fried oysters with the cajun fries. Then I went overboard and ordered the boiled snow crab legs with red potato and corn. 15 minutes later out the door. Perfectly fried oysters were gobbled first. I did not want them to get cold and chewy. A few shrimp to taste, a nibble on some fries and I was already impressed. Then I went for the Crab Cluster, corn, and potato. GAME OVER! Rockin' Crab is worth every penny.